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Agrarökologie - Übungen
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The course for each of the 4 groups (A, B, C, D) will take place on 2 consecutive days.
On one day, a full day excursion will take place (09:00-17:30; under guidance of Prof. Friedel and Dr. Kromp). The meeting point is at the premises of the Bio Forschung Austria (Esslinger Hauptstrasse 132-134; 1200 Wien; Please, don’t forget to take a printed version of the teaching notes (you can find them in BOKUlearn) with you.

On the other day a half day excursion will take place (12:00-17:30; under guidance of Dr. Kubista). Meeting point is the terminal station of the tramway 31 “Stammersdorf”. Please see the map in BOKUonline - you can find it under “Online Information”, “course materials” – for further information.
Please be punctual (no ct) on both excursion days!

The attendance on both excursion days is obligatory and required for a positive course completion.
The selected topics are demonstrated on-site.
Outdoor-sampling of agroecosystem components will performed by the participants and the samples will be investigated in the laboratory/field.
Expected previous knowledge:
lecture "agroecology"
Learning outcomes:
Selected topics of the lecture "agroecology" are deepend by exercises.
Teaching and learning methods:
Demonstration, guidance during the exercises
Exam method:
Oral according to the contributions during the exercises

Organisation: University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna

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Teaching period summer semester:
22. Feb 2021 - 30. Sep 2021
Teaching period winter semester:
13. Oct 2020 - 21. Feb 2021