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Agricultural pest diagnostics
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Landwirtschaftliche Schaddiagnostik
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Course content:
Practical instruction on pests and plant pathogens (viruses, bacteria, phytoplasms, fungi) including a theoretical introduction and a treatise of the systematic principles;
Symptomatology and diagnosis;
Methods of detection and identification;
Methods used for preparation.
Expected previous knowledge:
Learning outcomes:
Upon completion of this course, the students will be able to:
• Know the basic principles of systematics and biology of plant viruses and phytoplasms, bacterial and fungal plant diseases.
• Identify the most important pests and diseases of crops
• Assess the symptoms on crops caused by plant diseases and pests.
• Apply diagnose methods in phytopathology, and prepare (microscopic slides a. o.) typical structures and organs for identification of phytopathogens.
• Differentiate the most important groups (orders, families) of insect and mite pests on the basic of typical characteristics.
Teaching and learning methods:
compulsory attendance; practical instruction, short films.
Exam method:
continuous assessment, performance monitoring

Organisation: University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna

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Teaching period summer semester:
22. Feb 2021 - 30. Sep 2021
Teaching period winter semester:
13. Oct 2020 - 21. Feb 2021